Download TAD Designer Lite installer

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Thank you for your interest in TAD. You would need to have a free membership at our teamTAD community at Discord to install and use TAD.

Please click this link to become a member of our Discord teamTAD community

The installer will verify your account at Discord. So you would need to be ready with both your Discord username as well as the Discord ID given to you in Discord.

Please click here to download the installer Keep the Discord teamTAD community open, when installing. Someone or the other may be present who will help when installing
Why Discord?
This username you chose at Discord would be used to protect the data produced by you in TAD. Also, this method gives you full privacy. We dont really need your email address. But we will be grateful if you can give it, so that we can email critical messages; as well as ocassional newsletters.

TAD is a product of love from a very small team. We will be in the same Discord community to help you. No more sending out emails that gets lost. It is hoped that as TAD grows, the entire community will help each other. Also; from version 7.0 TAD will become open-source. Hence this is a good preparation for that milestone.

What is Discord?
It is a system to create communities on the Internet. Though it started off for gaming, now many different communities dealing with technology, art, science, etc are also hosted there. Once you join Discord, you can even join many other communities with the same credentials.

When you get a new account at Discord, your Discord ID is not shown to you. See this short Youtube video to switch the Discord setting to Developer mode. Then right click on your name in the members list on the right hand side in Discord, and there select Copy ID menu item.